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Why a PSM Compliance Audit is So Important

Jul 21, 2021

What if some of your most important equipment was doomed to fail at the worst possible time?

In certain industries, industrial refrigeration systems are at the heart of the entire business. But without regular compliance audits, you’ll have no way of knowing anything is wrong with the system until it is too late.

Wondering why a compliance audit is so important? Keep reading to discover the answer!

OSHA and EPA Compliance Audit

One of the reasons that a compliance audit on industrial refrigeration systems is important is that it is required for Process Safety Management covered facilities. Specifically, you are required to have at least one such audit every three years.
There are many benefits to such audits, and our guide will cover a few of the most important ones. But on the most basic level, this audit ensures that you are complying with relevant OSHA and EPA regulations.

If you fail to conduct the audit properly, your business can get in quite a bit of trouble with the government. Because of that, we recommend that you hire experienced third-party professionals to handle the audit.

Ensure Employee Safety

As we touched on before, audits every three years are a way of verifying that your business meets the Process Safety Management requirements of OSHA. But aside from PSM compliance regulations, these audits present important opportunities for your business.

For example, part of any good audit involves walking through the facility and manually inspecting for safety issues as well as non-compliance issues. Without such an audit, your employees could potentially injure themselves, and this could lead to expensive litigating against your company.

And regular audits are actually good for employee morale. That is because they serve as a tangible reminder that their employer cares about their health and well-being. And this kind of employee morale is the secret ingredient to a truly productive business.

Keep the Business Running Smoothly

Some business owners get a little annoyed by audits because they think such audits negatively affect their productivity. In reality, a thorough audit is actually a great way to keep your business running smoothly.

That is because such an audit helps to reinforce Standard Operating Procedures surrounding your industrial refrigeration equipment. Without reinforcing the SOP, employees might cut corners that affect both productivity and the condition of your equipment.

Additionally, these audits are a perfect opportunity to make sure all employees understand relevant safety procedures and fully understand their training. Without such audits, it would be impossible to reinforce the SOPs and best safety practices until it is too late.

Your Next Move

Now you know why a compliance audit is so important. But do you know who can handle audits for all of your industrial refrigeration equipment?
At Ice Cold Consulting, we specialize in keeping you and your business as cool as it can be. To see what we can do for your company, contact us today!

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