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The Importance of IIAR 9 Standards

Apr 28, 2023

As a facility manager or warehouse administrator, you must be familiar with the latest standards. The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) recently released version 9 of their standards for industrial refrigeration systems, including specifically for ammonia-based and low-charge cold storage facilities. This new standard is important as it list minimum safety requirements all facilities must meet. These standards ensure that the industry is operating at the highest level of safety and responsibility.

If the industry doesn’t meet the safety requirements outlined in the new IIAR 9 standards, you could be held liable for any accidents or injuries that result from the use of substandard equipment.

What is IIAR 9?

The IIAR-9 provides the guidelines for minimum system safety requirements for existing closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems. It also provides the minimum safety documentation, signs and explanatory materials for compliance to the hazards.

If the organization doesn’t comply with the IIAR-9 standards for industrial refrigeration equipment, it could open itself up to liability should an incident occur involving employee injury and/or environmental damage.

How Does IIAR-9 Affect You?

The new IIAR-9 details specific requirements that every storage facility must meet. This includes identifying gaps and issues with the current system and how to address them in order to meet the standards. The new IIAR-9 also requires companies to conduct process safety maintenance audits and other evaluations for every ammonia system they own or operate.

If your organization fails to meet the standards outlined in the new version of the IIAR-9, you could be subject to significant penalties and even legal action after an OSHA audit. Therefore, all facilities must comply with these standards as of March 2025.

Compliance Audits

Process Safety Management Audit

Organizations must demonstrate that they have developed and implemented an effective process safety management program for managing risks to people and property from releases of hazardous chemicals that could result from the plant’s normal operations. Conducting these audits is the best way to ensure that the IIAR-9 standards are being implemented effectively throughout the organization. An external auditor can be hired to review your processes fully to determine whether you comply with this new standard.

Audits Benefits

The auditors can easily identify any weaknesses in the current systems and processes that may lead to non-compliance with the new standards. Companies can remedy these deficiencies and reduce the risk of non-compliance by taking steps to implement more effective policies and procedures. These audits can also reduce the potential for regulatory violations by ensuring that the organization meets all of the requirements specified in the IIAR-9.

The importance of IIAR-9 standards

Process safety audits are crucial for businesses with storage facilities. Our professional experts can identify compliance weaknesses in your company and ensure that your business meets all the state-required regulations.

We provide process safety compliance audits, integrity mechanical services, and PSM process safety management programs.

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