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How Mechanical Integrity Program Audits Can Help Your Industrial Facilities

Nov 30, 2022

Industries dealing with hazardous chemicals are required to manage inspections, perform maintenance, and control hazards and risks. These steps ensure that their processes are running correctly, efficiently, and safely. Whether it’s a small leak or major equipment failure, these issues can release hazardous elements into the air, causing lasting health damage and environmental problems.

To prevent such catastrophes, OSHA has defined the Process Safety Management Program which consists of various elements, including mechanical integrity (MI). At Ice Cold Consulting, we offer MI program audits to ensure safe and efficient operations and prevent any loss or unwanted events.

Here are some of the significant benefits of this program:

Enhanced Performance

Processing industries need optimal performance to achieve their operational and production goals. MI audits allow facility managers to evaluate the integrity of mechanical assets from design to implementation and decommission.

During a mechanical integrity audit, the process equipment is checked for various conditions that can compromise its performance, safety, and overall integrity. This information allows managers to stay updated with their equipment condition and perform preventative maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

They can proactively track the performance of each piece of equipment and predict the requirements for repair and replacement. As a result, the industry can boost its performance and profitability.

Proactive Maintenance and Increased Efficiency

A properly deployed mechanical integrity program enables workers and managers to access equipment documents, including datasheets, maintenance logs, inspection logs, manuals, etc. When managers and workers have real-time, comprehensive information, they can make informed and effective decisions.

These decisions lead to more efficiency, and ultimately, cost reduction. With preventative maintenance, facility managers can identify problems early before they aggravate and require extensive repairs or replacement, hence reducing repair costs.

In addition, proactive maintenance also avoids costly delays. Allowing all systems and equipment up and running at all times at maximum efficiency.

Extends Equipment Lifetime

Mechanical integrity emphasizes routine inspections, allowing you to identify small issues such as leaks, excess vibrations, noisy equipment, etc., before they snowball into equipment failure or catastrophic failure. These routine inspections not only offer reliable equipment but also extend its longevity.

Increases Safety

Industries deal with hazardous chemicals on a day-to-day basis. People working here are at high risk of exposure to toxic elements and any equipment or process failure can lead to catastrophic events. The main purpose of implementing a mechanical integrity program is to prevent such events and minimize risks. Facilities that fail to implement this program often face accidents, injuries, and production loss.

How mechanical integrity program audits can help your industrial facilities

Regulatory Compliance

Mechanical integrity is a key element of the process safety management standard by OSHA. Complying with this standard is crucial for every industry that deals with toxic, reactive, explosive, and flammable chemicals. Failing to do so not only jeopardizes everyone’s safety but can result in costly penalties.

When you get regular mechanical integrity program audits, you can have peace of mind during OSHA inspection visits.

Schedule a mechanical integrity program audit now with Ice Cold Consulting. We have over 50 years of experience in offering auditing services to industries and facilities. Our team develops viable strategies to help you establish a top-performing MI program. We also offer operation procedure writing services and PSM services. Contact us for details!

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